Boggabri Public School

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Our History

The following information has been obtained from the Boggabri Public School Centenary of Education 1873-1973:

'The people of Boggabri applied on 16th August 1870 to the Council of Education, a forerunner of the Department of Education, to have a Public School established.  A total of 49 children had promised to attend the school and the nearest existing Public School was at Gunnedah, 24 miles away' p10.

  • There were five members of the committee who were responsible for making arrangements for the setting up of the school including  Robert Clark (Squatter), Thomas Hill (Storekeeper), James McGregor (Pound Keeper), Robert Frickling (Carrier) and Mark Turner (Wheelright and Innkeeper).
  • The first school was completed by John Neale of Coonabarabran for 800 pounds. 
  • In April 1873. The building was brick with a shingled roof and both the school and vested residence were accommodated under the same roof.  The school could accommodate 60 children in two classrooms while the teacher's quarters contained two bedrooms and a sitting room.  There was a detached kitchen.
  • In 1881, the foundations of the building had sunk and the walls were out of alignment.  It was replaced in 1883 with brick building which remains in use today.
  • The first teacher, Sidney H Barham was appointed on 26th May 1873 and commenced duty on 7th July 1873. He became ill in 1875 and passed away in Sydney.  He was replaced by Mr John Anderson in 1876 who married a pupil teacher, Miss Margaret McEwan, who was appointed to the school in March 1883. They remained in Boggabri until 1888.
  • An evening school was established in 1889 with a total of 15 people who promised to attend. 
  • Water was laid on in 1890
  • 1890 - average attendance 103.5 with one teacher and two pupil-teachers
  • 1894 - average attendance 124.7 with an enrolment of 160.  The school was so overcrowded that children were being taught in the hat room
  • A new school room was built in 1906 when the enrolment was 200
  • 1911 - enrolment was 151 and the staff consisted of a headmaster and two assistants
  • Electricity was connected in 1930
  • 4 May 1953 - a new section was added to the school due to the establishment of a secondary department.  The school was known as Boggabri Central School.
  • 1969 - the school was reclassified as a primary school with secondary students enrolled at Gunnedah High School and students travelling to and from Gunnedah by bus.