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Learning from Home

Learning from Home

Boggabri Public School staff are striving to provide excellence in learning despite the current health crisis facing Australian students. As a school we have prepared a range of hard copy resources for our students to complete as independent learning tasks. These are also accessible online.

In the case of a school shutodwn, teachers may move some or all of your child's learning activities into online spaces, or utilise online programs to support learning ooprtunities. 

We are aware of difficulties faced with accessing reliable internet and technology. In planning for this, staff may use on-digital, off-line strategies. These methods of teaching include sending worksheets, textbooks or USB drives containing digital worksheets and videos to your home via the mail. 

Teachers may also contact students and/or caregivers via phone calls. 

If you are having difficulty accessing learning resources, or would like additional support in their implementation at home, please contact the school on 6743 4526 during normal hours. 

Setting up a learning environment

Try to create a quiet and comfortable learning space. Your child may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for working in for an extended period of time.

A space/location for extended learning should be a public/family space, not in a bedroom. It should be a place that can be quiet at times and have a strong wireless internet signal, if possible. Above all, it should be a space where you or another adult is present and monitoring your children's learning.

Time Expectations